Living in Japan

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Living in Japan

Living in Japan can be a wonderful experience, especially for those who are interested in learning from its rich culture. Working with Kids Duo can help you make the most of your time in Japan. With the salary, vacation time, and support Kids Duo provides, instructors can comfortably live and have fun in Japan while working at a meaningful job.

Like any experience abroad, there are both positive experiences, and things to remind you that you still have things to learn! With Kids Duo, there is a unique chance to work with Japanese people, make friends and use your free time to exchange lessons in both language and life. The language barrier is often cited as a problem for foreigners living here. Japanese people are often depicted as having low English ability and Japan as having a difficult culture to penetrate. This is no truer than any other stereotype, and every expatriate has the choice of living in a pocket of their old country, or of experiencing the life of the locals. Most Japanese know some English, many are competent conversationalists, and almost all are happy when you try to speak their language.

At Kids Duo, you are part of a multi-cultural team of Native English speaking teachers and Japanese bilingual staff. Good teamwork and communication skills are a must in order for Kids Duo teachers to work effectively with one another. We find the most successful Kids Duo instructors are self-motivated people with a passion for teaching, and those who have a genuine interest in Japan. The benefit of working amongst local people is the many things they can teach you about the area. Every part of Japan has festivals, specialty dishes and sight-seeing attractions, and Kids Duo has schools across Japan in a variety of settings that allow instructors to experience it all. Living in Japan can be a wonderful cultural experience, it all depends on what you make of it.

For many, moving to a new country can be intimidating, but we can help you adjust to living in Japan and make that transition as smooth as possible from the moment you apply.This can include providing visa sponsorship. 

A teacher is a respected position in Japanese culture. Kids Duo instructors who embrace this responsibility often develop a strong attachment with the community where they teach. Instructors often think of where they teach as their home in Japan, even after they've moved away.

Kids Duo instructors pursue a variety of interests in their free time. Some instructors explore the cities and cultural sites of Japan, others the Alps and oceans. Some travel across Asia, study the Japanese language, join a local sports team, or even try a traditional activity such as kendo or Japanese tea ceremony.

Things to Experience

Japan is a dynamic and fascinating country full of bustling cities and ancient temples. There are countless opportunities for people who are naturally curious and have a sense of adventure. Japanese food is world famous, but there is nowhere else where it is as varied or delicious as in its home country. While many visitors enjoy sushi, sashimi, tempura and ramen, there are still more exotic foods to try such as takoyaki: cooked balls made of batter and diced octopus.

While there are many types of restaurants in Japan, many instructors prefer to cook for themselves. Japanese stores have many of the same ingredients and cooking supplies instructors may use in their home country. Japan may be small, but it's a culturally and geographically diverse country. Different parts of Japan often offer different foods, honor different traditions, and celebrate different holidays. Many Kids Duo instructors enjoy traveling to Tokyo for its world-class shopping, Osaka for its active nightlife, Kyoto for its ancient temples, and Okinawa for its beautiful beaches. There truly is something for everyone.

Staff Testimonials

Kids Duo Trainer

Kids Duo Trainer

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