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About Kids Duo

Kids Duo represents a fresh new approach to the language learning process, focusing on creating a solid foundation of enthusiasm and self-confidence in speaking via interactive games and activities. Our motto is “Play in English, Learn in English,” and with this mentality in mind we strive to create a fun, safe, and comfortable environment in which our students learn usable, real life English – often without even realizing it.

The concept of Kids Duo based on providing a safe and secure afterschool English environment, where children can acquire the English skills they will inevitably need as a part of a global community in the future. We nurture and develop a strong sense of motivation and confidence via progressively achieving small goals, ultimately improving their academic and critical thinking skills.

Kids Duo is a fully immersive English environment at its core, and organizes classes of mixed skill levels and age groups. The environment we create helps foster a strong sense of communication between those of varying backgrounds, perspectives, and abilities.

Kids Duo has both Native and Bilingual Instructors to teach children the most venerable parts of both English-speaking countries’ cultures as well as Japan’s. Through this experience, we aim for children to cultivate individual personalities and have good moral values. Instructors will not only teach English, but also Social Development; instilling valuable life lessons in their students by putting good morals and manners at the heart of all lessons at Kids Duo.

Kids Duo has some selective programs. Children can choose what program they desire. This selectable system motivates the children to participate in the class more because they will enjoy the experience they want. We achieve this through all instructors' ability to create a comfortable, fun, and positive atmosphere.

While Kids Duo has a set curriculum, teachers are actively encouraged to grow and expand on these foundations to create truly unique and personalized lessons; allowing ample creative freedom to inject passion and enthusiasm into their class. No one day is the same at Kids Duo, and activities cover a broad variety of subjects including Music & Dance, Science, Social Studies, and Arts & Crafts - all of which are conducted in English, allowing students to be exposed to a plethora of unique and valuable English vocabulary. Our goal is for Japanese children to be confident in the use of not only their native tongue but also in English.

About YARUKI Switch Group

YARUKI Switch Group is one of the largest educational organizations in Japan, boasting a track record stretching 40 years in teaching, nurturing, and developing the futures of children. We have established and continue to grow successful, well-recognized brands in such educational fields as Supplemental Learning, Early Childhood Education, English Childcare, and Bilingual Kindergartens - not just nationwide, but worldwide as well. With our philosophy of ‘Individual Approaches for Individuals,’ we have developed a network of over 1,900 schools and counting.

What we treasure is not just academic development. We respect the unique characteristics of each and every child, and nurture their confidence and motivation by assisting them in the achievement their goals. “Think for yourself, decide for yourself, and act for yourself;” we help our students to polish their “自分力”- 'Jinbunryoku' (power of independence) to take on new challenges and decide their own path in life without being swayed by the values or judgement of others.

The foundations of YARUKI Switch Group are rooted in providing tailor-made, individualized education. Through years of research, we have developed a system by which we provide individual guidance with customized curriculum based on individual students’ motivations, study habits and life style routines. This system makes up the core of our supplemental education program, School IE; our oldest and most successful brand.

YARUKI Switch Group is a company dedicated to education and cultural exchange. Our philosophy is as follows: "We are dedicated to finding the jewel within every single child of the world, and providing full support to make that jewel shine - consequently contributing to create a society in which individuals live happily by performing to the best of their abilities.”

We manage a total of seven brands, each of which is focused on its own particular field of Education:

School IE Japanese-language supplementary tutoring and learning facility focused on providing individualized, tailor-made curriculum and academic coaching.
Kids Duo A new type of daycare and after-school program stimulating curiosity and interests of students using English.
WinBe A fun-focused and goal-orientated English conversation school equipping students with the tools to communicate and express themselves.
Kids Duo International State-of-the-art bilingual Kindergarten with a fully tailored curriculum of English, Japanese and Physical Education.
child eyes Bilingual kindergarten with a strong focus on active elements inspiring the next generation of bright stars to become influential contributors to a global society.
child eyes Japanese-language preschool education to nurture the heart and mind through stimulating students’ curiosity and eagerness to learn.
ninja9 A ground-breaking sports education program for children, focused on the biomechanics of human movement. The first of its kind in Japan.

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