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We offer a competitive employment package with career advancement opportunities, a fun and supportive teaching environment, and thorough training to ensure success in the role.

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About Kids Duo

Kids Duo is a new type of after school care service offered by Yaruki Switch Group, one of the biggest companies in the education sector in Japan. The concept of Kids Duo is to provide a safe and secure afterschool English environment where children can acquire English skills which they will inevitably need as a part of a global community in the future.

Our goal is to raise children's academic ability. We acknowledge and develop a strong motivation and confidence through achieving small goals.

Based on the philosophy of, "Think yourself, decide yourself and do it yourself", we develop a child's sense of independence and ability to do everything by themselves in the hope that they will in turn positively challenge things in their lives. We strive to equip children with the confidence and skills to lead their own way through life without being influenced by someone else's sense of values or judgment.
※Yaruki Switch Group is the third largest in the sales volume amongst Japanese cram schools.

"Learn in English, Play in English" Kids Duo is a new type of afterschool care facility designed to be like a children's second home. The children's interest and curiosity will be developed in Kids Duo's fully immersive English environment.

Our goal is for Japanese children to be confident in the use of not only their native tongue but also in English aptitude.

This will strengthen their development at home and their second home (Kids Duo) Play and Learn (Duo of the brain and heart)

"Kids Duo's Features" Kids Duo provides an environment for the children to develop their ability to do everything by themselves by "Thinking themselves, deciding themselves and doing it themselves". For that, Kids Duo has a fully immersive English environment at its core and is able to organize classes with different age groups. The society we create with a mixture of age ranges helps to create a high level of communication through the varying levels and abilities. Kids Duo has both Native and Bilingual Instructors to teach children the venerable parts of the two cultures from English speaking countries and Japan. Through this experience, we aim for the children to cultivate individual personalities and have great moral values. Instructors will not only teach English but also put morals and good manners at the heart of all teaching at Kids Duo.

Kids Duo has some selective programs. Children can choose what program they desire. This selectable system motivates the children to participate in the class more because they will enjoy the experience they want. We achieve this through all instructors' ability to create a comfortable, fun, and positive atmosphere.

Kids Duo delights in the fact we can enjoy the development of our students and take great joy in being a part of their educational lives. We believe this can be achieved through the great communication and interactions with all members of the school. Through our methods and philosophy, we hope to raise the abilities and skills for the future generations of Japan.

About YARUKI SWITCH GROUP and Tact Kodomomirai Co.Ltd.

Tact Corporation was established in 1989 by the current CEO, Mr. Matsuda. The name itself, TACT, comes from the Chinese character for "pioneer". The company was founded on the concept of bringing together people who have a pioneer mindset, eager to achieve dreams and ideals, and to follow their passion. Tact is a company that appreciates each individual employee and emphasizes mutual cooperation as a way to make the most of each individual's talents which has culminated in the success and establishment of the Yaruki Switch Group Holdings, encompassing 3 companies; Tact Holdings, Tact, and Tact Kodomomirai.

With more than 40 years of experience in education, and with more than 1300 schools throughout Japan and abroad, we are a group that is diverse and expanding to the world.

Tact Corporation began with it's roots in providing tailored individual education to school aged students, and operates under the School IE moniker. Through years of research, the program has evolved to a point where they can now confidently provide individual guidance with customized curriculum by designated teachers based on individual students motivations, study habits and life style routines.

Tact Kodomomirai, the "Children's Future", is a company dedicated to education and cultural exchange. Our philosophy is "to find the human treasures of the world, providing our full support to allow them to sparkle. To engage the motivation switch of all, and while realizing our full potential, contribute to the creation of a society in which we may all happily exist."

The company comprises of several types of schools that are operated both directly and through franchises;

Kids Duo A new type of day care and after-school program stimulating curiosity and interests of students using English.
WinBe An exciting, fun, goal-orientated English conversation school equipping students with the tools to communicate and express themselves.
Kids Duo International A state-of-the-art international kindergarten with a fully tailored curriculum of English, Japanese and Physical Education.
child eyes Preschool Education to nurture the heart and mind through stimulating their curiosity and eagerness to learn.
ninja9 A ground-breaking sports program for children focused on the biomechanics of human movement. The first of its kind in Japan.

With offices in Tokyo and Chiba, Tact Kodomomirai Ltd. Co. is a vibrant company with the resources and experience to help its branches and its employees succeed.

Hiring year round. An exciting English teaching position awaits you.


Human Resource Management team

If you love teaching and being around people of all ages, are devoted to creating a better world, and looking to start a new career, or seeking new challenges, we hire year round and would love to hear from you. We offer a competitive employment package with career advancement opportunities, a fun and supportive teaching environment, and thorough training to ensure success in the role.