Kids Duoの特長 Feature

  • 「自分力を高める」英語環境を。





    英語環境 無学年の集団力 自分力を高める 日本の文化 思いやり 気遣い 節度  英語圏の文化 褒める しつけ 自己表現 

    Kids Duo ではプログラムは選択制です。 子どもたちが自分で「やりたい !」と思ったプログラムに参加してもらうことで、積極的に楽しく学ぶことができるようになっています。 集団生活の中では、社会性、コミュニケーション力、人を思いやる気持ちを育んでいきます。

  • The Kids Duo Philosophy

    We at KidsDuo wholeheartedly believe that if children think, decide, and act by their own free will, they will exhibit higher levels of Jibunryoku. In order to cultivate this Jibunryoku, we provide an age-unbiased class atmosphere and healthy English-concentrated learning environment where students can be exposed to English for hours on end. In creating this type of space, we hope to not only improve our student's English ability, but to also teach our students how to properly communicate to theirs peers and elders in society. In addition, at KidsDuo, students can experience both Japanese culture as well as culture from English-speaking countries through their education by our native English and Japanese bilingual staff. Our final goal is to raise our students into adults that can confidently take charge of the future and in doing so become great people.

    English Environment  Non Grade Specific Group Increase Your Potential Japanese Culture Thoughtfulness Consideration Moderation  Culture of English Speaking Countries Praise Discipline Individual Expression 

    At KidsDuo, we allow kids the opportunity to choose from various programs. In doing so, our students can enjoy learning in a positive environment. Furthermore, students can interact within a group culture and learn to communicate and care for their peers of different ages.